Benefits of playing sports

The Benefits of Playing Sports For the Kids (And the Parents)

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The Benefits of Playing Sports Aren’t Just Physical!

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The health benefits of sport and physical activity

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The Benefits of Playing Sports Aren’t Just Physical!

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While club sports have become a popular pastime for both students and college recruiters, there is still a lot to be said for playing for your high school team. According to Unigo, students who participate in high school sports learn the benefit of representing their community on the field or court.

It’s scientifically proven that playing sports has innumerable social, mental and health all add years to your life, the smile on your face, confidence in yourself.

Here are just a few reasons to consider playing sports or encouraging your children to play sports.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Youth Sports

Social Benefits A study published in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine reported that out of 14, high school atheletes, the o nes who regularly played sports were less likely to use drugs.

The health benefits of sport and physical activity Although research interest on physical activity and health dates back to the s, the breakthrough in the scientific evidence on health benefits of physical activity largely took place during the s and s.

Facts: Sports Activity and Children Project Play collects and distributes data on sport participation and research associated with youth sports and physical activity. The above infographic summarizes the benefits that flow to physically active youth, as recognized by the American College of Sports Medicine.

The health benefits of playing sports include proper weight management, efficient functioning of the heart, controlled diabetes, lower cholesterol levels, improved blood circulation, and lower hypertension and stress levels.

It helps in the toning of muscles and strengthening of bones.

Benefits of playing sports
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The Top 10 Health Benefits of Youth Sports