Dangers of fire

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Of fire and smoke, smoke is certainly more dangerous. It can contain highly toxic gases and leaves thick, black deposits on all surfaces, which can result in not only severe health risks, but also causes extensive damage to your home.

Sep 05,  · The close call has raised doubts about the preparedness of the nation’s vast chemicals industry for potentially bigger disasters, both natural and man-made. Flames Get Dangerous Fast. It will melt your marshmallows and glow brightly on your birthday cake's candles. But did you know that even a very small fire can get out of control and burn down a whole house?

Or that many fires are started by kids? Nov 26,  · At least bodies were recovered from a garment factory fire, and scores of injured were taken to hospitals with burns and smoke inhalation injuries. It’s a nice day out there with temperatures in the lower to mid 70s but it is quite breezy.

Winds will start off from the W/SW then shift to the North by late night.

Dangers of fire
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