Political attitude

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Political attitudes

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Why Political Coverage is Broken

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Political Attitudes and Values

Noun. We are having a party. a high school dance party Were you invited to her party? Our New Year's Eve party was a huge success. political parties with opposing agendas The senator is loyal to his party. the two parties in the marriage contract The parties in the lawsuit reached a settlement.

Verb. He spent the weekend partying with his friends. Political Theatrics The bipartisan system in today’s political arena is a repository of conflicting staged political turmoil in influencing public opinion. Recent Examples on the Web.

Despite the passage of time, some exile groups and politicians are growing more insistent that Castro, who retired from the Cuban presidency on April 19, should be held responsible.

— Mimi Whitefield, miamiherald, "Seven members of Congress say now is the time to indict Raúl Castro," 12 July Platter's line is thick and insistent but wasted on empty scrawls. Sep 12,  · Exploring traditional and populist party support in 8 Western European countries.

Explore the share of people who are in each of the six political groups, where traditional party supporters fall and how these groups feel about key political parties. Political attitudes are the attitudes of people to the areas of public life covered by political psychology so for example views on nationalism, political conservatism, political liberalism, political radicalism etc.

Political ideologies Edit Main article: Ideologies of parties Many political parties base their political action and program on an ideology.

Political attitude
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