Social stratification according to karl marx

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Social stratification

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Why are societies stratified.

How did Karl Marx view social stratification?

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Social stratification

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It is generallytied in with the socioeconomic ranking of peopl e in a society basedon various factors including wealth, social status, occupation andpower. According to karl marx, social stratification in a capitalist society always involves: a.

class conflict. b.


the abolition of work itself. c. negotiation and compromise leading.

Difference Between Marx and Weber

• Both Marx and Weber presented theories of social stratification which are different from one another. • Class: • Means of production is the yardstick to estimate a class according to the philosophy of Marx.

According to Marxist theory, social stratification is created by the differing economic capacities among people and their relationships to the means or the factors of production. Max Weber took issue with Marx’s seemingly simplistic view of stratification. Weber argued that owning property, such as factories or equipment, is only part of what determines a person’s social class.

Social class for Weber included power and prestige, in addition to property or wealth. Social Stratification According to Marx and Weber Words Jul 8th, 5 Pages Social stratification is the hierarchical arrangement of individuals into divisions of power and wealth within a.

Classical Theories of Social Stratification Social stratification according to karl marx
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Classical Theories of Social Stratification