Traffic troubles

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Mine traffic troubles neighbors

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Troubles of an undercover cop

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This cool game is called Traffic talent 2 and it is a new second version of the most famous and amazing driving simulator, where you have to be pro to win and establish peace in the city.

This game is a whole new opportunity to find a perfect way to deal with traffic when you need it most and also there is a missions, which helps you to learn how does traffic lights work and when is a perfect.

Nov 05,  · More cars mean more traffic lights. But who is controlling those lights? This funny traffic game will put this trusty jobs into your hands. Control the traffic anyway you like, but remember, car drivers can be very impatient!88%(1K).

In this file photo fromtraffic is shown on the Parkway East. Fires have caused traffic snarls on two major thoroughfares in Northern California, Wednesday afternoon.

State Highway 99, just to the north of the town of Galt, was shut down in both directions.

Traffic troubles
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